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BookitDoit: a first-of-its-kind platform dedicated to Regional Australia

BookitDoit: a first-of-its-kind platform dedicated to Regional Australia

BookitDoit is a first-of-its-kind platform dedicated to Regional Australia, a directory and booking platform for Australia tours, attractions accommodation, and itineraries this is something we want to talk about with the world opening up.

What do we need to know?
BookitDoit is the first of its kind Regional Australian directory and booking platform for tours, attractions, accommodation, and itineraries. It’s a truly first of its kind focusing purely on Regional Australia and its offerings.

How did it come about, where did this idea come from? 
I was a long-term adventure tour operator in Regional Australia just west of Port Macquarie running horse treks and in 2019 we endured a severe drought and bush fires which sealed our fate after a great 20yrs in business. I had to look ahead as to what comes next and 13 years ago I founded an initiative called 52 things to do in Greater Port Macquarie. I’ve always been a solid advocate of tourist attractions and things to do in regional Australia areas, helping to support these people, and especially small businesses of Australia compete in the online market, it was also an awareness exercise to show all there is to do in their own backyard.

So What kind of experiences people can look out for when they book through BookitDoit?

So I’m covering 6 states & territories, it’s 87 regions and 268 areas. There are 14 categories to choose from, everything from adventure; water activities; family fun; for kids; food, wine, and beer experiences; disability-friendly travel; accommodation, and more. They’ll find bookable things, they’ll find free things to do, they can use the live map and as they are traveling through areas the pin droppers pop up and show them what there is to do around them and can click on them, book them directly or just contact the operator. The next stage of launch which is coming in March which I’m most excited about is the itineraries. There will be delivered via a digital tour guide, brought them with the Riyo platform, so there with just one transaction, they can book a 1 day, 2 days, or 3-day itinerary. Just makes thing easy to find everything to do, not just the big attractions, theme parks, and the attractions that can afford the advertising. It’s a low-cost platform. Operators can jump on verify their listing, take control of it then we can get them set up. We want Travellers and locals to find everything there is to do in Regional Australia, no big cities allowed. This is a Regional initiative and I’m very excited about it.

Where can people learn a bit more and make a booking; and where can I head?
You will find us at you’ll see us on Google, we’re very strong on social media, we’re pushing hard with that. As far as the operators we are a distributor of the ATDW (Australian Tourism Data Warehouse). The listings are on there so operators just need to jump on find their listing much like going to Google and verifying their google listing, claim it,  take ownership of it, they can add more photos, information so forth. The more operators we get on there the stronger the initiative will be.

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