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Bookitdoit Introduces the uber fication of travel with the Riyo platform

Bookitdoit Introduces the uber fication of travel with the Riyo platform

As a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a steep decline in traditional travel agencies of late in Australia and many other countries across the globe. No one needs to look any further than what has happened to Flight Centre this year alone with over 100 stores closing.

Today, most personal and business travel is booked directly by the traveller using online services with an end-to-end digital transaction. Mark Ennor, the owner of BookItDoIt, spotted the opportunity to launch into a market to deliver just this, with an end-to-end digital experience for those wanting to lap-up the brilliance of regional Australia.

Regional Australia has much to offer and, BookItDoIt is on a mission to make it as easy as possible for people to book experiences of a lifetime with just a few clicks. BookItDoIt’s customer-centric focus is second to none as the platform sets out to match the adventurous to quality experiences.

Originally a Sydney-sider, Mark has called regional NSW home for more than two decades and wouldn’t change it for the world. He is very passionate about showing off the beauty and brilliance of regional Australia, from the landscapes to the experiences to the people: there is something unique and special about it!

According to Mark, “All regions of Australia have their own story to tell and, until you experience it, you will never quite understand these best-kept secrets.” The Riyo team could not be happier to be working alongside him to bring his passion to life using our modern, intuitive technology to deliver a best in market customer experience.

Mark’s zest for life and energy about regional Australia is infectious, and the team at JCurve Solutions can’t wait to embark on this journey with him. With overseas travel being limited for the next while we see this as an excellent opportunity to open memorable experiences to Australian’s in their own back garden. Lots of regional towns have had it tough over the past period with bushfires and now Covid-19, so helping regional tourism bring their hospitality and experiences to people, both local and international, is very satisfying.

Leveraging off the powerful Riyo platform, BookItDoIt will provide a much-needed bridge between travel experiences and adventurous end-users. With a wealth of knowledge in the space, operating a multi-award-winning adventure tourism business, Mark knows what it takes to deliver the best possible customer experiences right at their fingertips. With BookItDoIt, the end-user can access their digital itinerary through a progressive web application by clicking links via either SMS or email.

leveraging the Riyo platform BookItDoIt will give the end-user the ability to:

  • Book the perfect regional Australia travel experience, whether this is an hour, half a day, a day or even a few days.
  • Gain mobile access to a digital itinerary including a tour plan of scheduled experiences, dining and accommodation.
  • Experience the uber-fication of travel from checklists to compliance and customer feedback.
  • Capture data of travel experiences, embedded in the solution.
  • Access rich information including, text, images and videos to give travellers the insights, history and cultural experience they’re searching for.
  • Seamless communication channel between the tour operator, tour guide and customer.
  • Seamless integration with accounting
  • Find the best route using GPS technology. (Great if using the self-drive option or even for the tour guide)

From a Riyo perspective, it is great to be working with such a progressive thinker that is prepared to go against the grain and invest in technology and tourism where many may be too afraid. Riyo will deliver a modern, intuitive, user-friendly framework that focuses on a digitally rich experience. Accommodating all of your desires, whether this is self-drive, romantic getaway, group tours or even keeping kids busy during the holiday – the solution looks to make your travel experience as pleasurable and straightforward as possible. RIYO and BookItDoit will work together to deliver a best in class experience with constant improvement to stay ahead of the competition. It is going to be an extremely positive, mutually beneficial relationship that the Riyo team are looking forward to.

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