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Online Booking FAQ’s

Before you read on to my answers to these FAQ’s I want you to know that I know these things from personal experience. I was the Owner/Operator of an Adventure Tourism business for 20 years. I ran my business for 15 years out of a paper diary. The first time I looked at online bookings I didn’t go through with it because I was too comfortable with what I knew, 3 years later I finally bit the bullet and went online with our bookings. Within the first week, we were kicking ourselves that we didn’t do it sooner!

Do online bookings save time or create more work?

Save time yes! Create more work no! Think about how much time you spend on the phone selling your experience, answering a gazillion questions, asking questions, putting through payment manually, handling cancellations, refunding. The booking process is very time consuming whereas this time is taken out of your day you could spend it working in your business or enjoying the free time and the bookings are still happening in the background. The small amount of work to manage an online system is minor compared to the manual process.

Do I still have control of the booking process?

Absolutely. You actually have more control and it’s more convenient to keep an eye on your bookings. You have access to your bookings calendar on your computer and smartphone. You can contact your customers directly from your booking software, update availability on the go e.g create openings in the calendar, block out days and times, get statistics of your bookings and of course get paid straight into your bank account. How many times have you taken a call and said “Sorry I haven’t got my diary with me can I call you back” or “I’m not in the office right now”

Why pay comission?

Commission is a fee charged for marketing and selling your experience. We Introduce new business not previously had {we connect new customers to your business} Commission sales will also likely lead to more non – commission sales as you will get more promotion through us marketing your experience, reviews and word of mouth of customers by the commission sales will mean a greater awareness of your business. And therefore more sales overall.

I’m not computer savvy, does it matter?

The setup of online booking software is done by the software provider. These companies are used to dealing with tourism operators who are normally good within their business operations and not necessarily good on a computer, they will walk you through it. It’s less painless than you might think!

Which Booking Software should i use, There are so many?

Yes there are many providers nowadays. Years ago when I first looked into it for my horse riding business there were just 3 companies, now there would be 100+ companies that specialise in bookings for Tourism operators. Each of them has their pros & cons, some charge you (the operator) a booking fee and some charge the customer the booking fee. Here at BookitDoit we recommend Tourism Exchange Australia (TXA), why? They are an Australian owned and operated company, they have their own booking platform plus integrate with many other booking software companies, they can look after Tour operators AND accommodation providers, connection is easy and they are a pleasure to deal with. Once you are set up with online bookings we can apply a booking button to your BookitDoit listing that links directly to your localised bookings calendar and availability

What is a Booking Button?

A booking button is a “Book Now” clickable button on your listing (on BookitDoit), when a user clicks “Book Now” it connects directly to your booking software, this way the user sees live rates and availability, therefore is booking directly with you via BookitDoit.

Does it take long to set up?

No, it’s a fast and easy setup, these companies will hold your hand through the transition and integration to your website.

Why sell my experiences through a reseller, I already have a website?

Resellers (like BookitDoit) are actively marketing their platforms to a wide audience therefore you will be reaching customers that you normally wouldn’t. The SEO put into reseller’s platforms is significant so you reach more people this way as well. With a Premium listing your reach will be even greater.

Do customers prefer booking online?

The stats now show that 60% of customers book online now and still growing. You will still get calls but then just say go to my website to complete the booking, after you have answered their questions. Everyone knows that most people have a smartphone nowadays, people are used to booking and purchasing things online, booking experiences online is no different.
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