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Wollongong-based artist and writer, Friederike Krishnabhakdi-Vasilakis and sound producer, Leon Vasilakis, invite the viewer to listen to the ocean, where — beyond the rolling waves — lies a world of a polyphony of sound and noise, of tales and imagination. The multi-arts exhibition combines moving visuals of coastal ocean-scapes overlaid with a soundscape of modulated sound of underwater animals and their environment. Textual meanderings into tales and history allude to greater ecological narratives and contemplations of what oceans mean to the world, and what the world means to oceans.

With special thanks to Nicholas Armstrong, Josh Peters, Jack McCosker, Karl Burrows, Christine Howe, Aunty Barbara Nicholson and Merlinda Bobis for their contributions to the project.

Indicative Prices

$200 to $520

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  • Does not cater for people with access needs.


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Deep Sounding Friederike Krishnabhakdi-Vasilakis and Leon Vasilakis

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