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Ngaut Ngaut Aboriginal Site takes visitors on a journey through Aboriginal dreaming and culture. Join the guides for a tour of Ngaut Ngaut Aboriginal Site and immerse yourself in Aboriginal culture as you travel through the ancestral homeland of the Nganguraku People. Visit the birthplace of the “Black Duck Dreaming” on the banks of the mighty Murray River, just 45 minutes from Mannum’s riverboat town. Climb the boardwalk as it meanders up the majestic cliffs of an eons-old seabed and take in the majesty of one of the River Murray’s most pristine and beautiful stretches of water. As the story of rock art and a culture that predates antiquity unfolds in front of you, marvel. This experience will alter your perception of Aboriginal culture and leave you in awe of Australia’s indigenous people’s resourcefulness.

The National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972 establishes Ngaut Ngaut Aboriginal Site. This provides the park with a high level of security ensures that it receives an adequate level of protection and is managed for conservation well as recreational and tourism activities that are appropriate.

The park is currently managed by the Ngaut Ngaut Conservation Park.

Co-management Board of Directors (the Board) – a collaboration between Mannum and Incorporated Aboriginal Community Association (MACAI) and the South Government of Australia. MACAI is made up of several Nganguraku. people, the land’s traditional custodians. This collaboration ensures that the Nganguraku’s land management abilities and knowledge. The people of South Australia are complemented by the state government’s. MACAI is responsible for the park’s day-to-day operations and tourism through the acquisition of a commercial tour operator license. Additionally, MACAI lease the ranger cottage and a portion of the park where they have a long-term goal of developing an interpretive center. The Nganguraku people aspire to keep Ngaut Ngaut as a protected area and continue to share it with the community, while simultaneously gaining increased autonomy over their Country. In response to this To that end, the South Australian Government is collaborating with MACAI. toward the park’s future establishment as an Aboriginal-owned,co-managed park established in accordance with the National Parks and Wildlife Act of 1972.

This plan establishes guidelines for the management of Ngaut Ngaut Conservation. Park. It is intended to take the place of the previous Ngaut Ngaut Conservation. The park’s 2008 management plan was adopted.

The Board will implement the plan in collaboration with the Government of South Australia, MACAI, park neighbors, and technical experts

specialists and constituents. It will be carried out in accordance with in accordance with the relevant provisions of the 1988 Aboriginal Heritage Act.

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