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BookitDoit’s founder understands from experience what it’s like to run a tour/attraction in Regional Australia and is determined to use BookitDoit to direct travellers to your region.
We’ll be working hard to promote BookitDoit through media (with our partnership with Southern Cross Austereo)  and social media, work with RTO’s and State Tourism bodies to make BookitDoit the g
o-to platform for regional tours, attractions, events, Food/Wine/Beer experiences and accommodation.

Aussie travelers are going online to find things to do outside of the tourist honeypot areas and can’t find all there is to do and the authentic experiences they are craving because…

Online travel sites are dominated by high cost (commission and memberships) platforms leaving smaller operators and regions invisible online. BookitDoit is delivering an affordable marketing and booking solution for small business operators in regional areas making the previously invisible regions visible to the domestic-travel hungry tourists and locals looking to Stay-cay.

  • Firstly you may ask “why am I listed on BookitDoit?” We have selected regions and areas from around regional Australia. We are a distributor of content from the ATDW and have pulled in your listing from their database, at no cost to you. There is only ever a cost to you if you choose a Premium Partner listing (just $10 p/w) or if you choose to have your booking channel connected to your listing at an industry-low 10%. More info below
  • Claim your listing* and categorise your experience/product.  If your listing, region, or town isn’t listed let us know! If you are connected with the ATDW we can populate your listing easily.
  • You don’t have to have a bookable product to be listed on BookitDoit, even if you have a free attraction e.g Walks, lookouts, museum, place of interest etc you can still be listed on our site.
  • Connect with Tourism Exchange Australia (TXA) for live rates & bookings, or let us know your current booking platform (e.g Fareharbor, Rezdy) for us to connect with you as a reseller of your experiences.
  • Ensure your ATDW listing is current and up to date. To update it Click here. Every week our website updates via the ATDW so any changes you make there will reflect on your listing here.
  • Let your peers know in your region to get onboard with BookitDoit to increase your region’s desirability and visibility for the road trippers on the move!

A word from BookitDoit’s founder.

Anyone living and working in regional areas knows we live in the best parts of Australia, away from the hustle and bustle and our great land is our backyard. We welcome visitors from all over and take pride in our offerings of amazing experiences, natural beauty, and a relaxed way of life.

In recent years we as operators are fortunate to have the internet as a way of being found and booked by people all over the country and the world. However regional areas, the best parts of Australia, are mostly overlooked by the major (foreign-owned) booking platforms who focus most of their offerings on the capital cities and a handful of regionals areas.

I myself have been through the process of pitching to international OTA’s and whilst they liked the idea of my horse riding adventures many just said they don’t sell into areas more than 1-2hrs from an international airport! That experience was the seed of my idea of BookitDoit, a 100% purely dedicated platform focusing on Regional Australian Tourism with affordable and realistic commission rates and membership fees.

Fourteen years ago I founded a marketing initiative called ”52+ Things to do in Greater Port Macquarie” with a mission to create awareness of the abundance of things to do in my region and create a level playing field for operators where everyone was promoted equally, from a one-man band Kayak tour to the major tourist attractions. Everyone paid the same and everyone was promoted in the same way, leaving it up to the visitors and locals to find and choose what they wanted to do. Often you will find the big businesses affording the big ads and smaller operators the small ads or not being able to afford to advertise at all, at least across all the media. BookitDoit just has two levels of membership, Free and $10 per week, just 10% commission for direct bookings and 15% for the digital itineraries.

After 20 great years as a tour operator now it’s time for me to take a backseat role to spend all my efforts in creating and promoting our wonderful regions across Australia for travellers to find, book and do your experiences, sample your delights, stay in your unique accommodations and enjoy the natural beauty that is Regional Australia!

Best Regards,

Mark Ennor

BookitDoit – Founder

  • Commission is a fee for a service we provided for your business.
  • It takes the hassle out of marketing, promoting and advertising your business
  • It Introduces new business not previously had {we connect new customers to your business}
  • This gives you more time to focus on running your business {time = money}
  • Commission gives you more avenues for sales and does not limit current sales of your business.
  • You can build a portion of the cost of commission into the sale price of your experience sold on BookitDoit.
  • Commission sales will also likely lead to more non – commission sales as you will get more promotion through us marketing your experience, reviews and word of mouth of customers by the commission sales will mean a greater awareness of your business. And therefore more sales overall!

TXA is Australia’s national tourism online booking platform. TXA is an alliance between the State and Federal Government’s Australian Tourism Data Warehouse and technology company,V3.

TXA provides all Australian tourism businesses the opportunity to access to the broadest possible online exposure. TXA delivers more exposure for your business by making your products both visible and bookable on a multitude of regional NSW websites and Visitor Centres, including BookitDoit, plus State, national and international websites, and niche ‘alternative’ distributors.

There is an animated video that explains how TXA works on our website:

Customers are increasingly finding products like yours through ‘catalogue style’ listings on destination sites like BookitDoit and want to book either there and then or they then come to your website to book. It’s called the ‘billboard effect’ and TXA helps you capture and convert these customers with industry leading booking pages.

  • Increases your opportunity for more online bookings.
  • Delivers more unique channels like BookitDoit.
  • Puts money in your bank at time of booking. Directly and securely from the customer’s credit card when they book.
  • De-risks heavy reliance on the high commission, big OTAs like Airbnb, Stayz/Homeaway, and Expedia groups helping to bring down the overall rate of commission you pay for third party bookings.
  • Automates distribution through your sales channels, ending the need for manual management of distribution.
  • Provides you with a free secure bundled ecommerce package that makes managing booking payments and settlement easier.
  • Provides access to a low cost easy to use an electronic booking system to minimise manual management of bookings.
  • Improves your total online exposure through a multitude of alternative regional and international channels. You choose the ones you want. You’re in control.
  • You set it up once, and that’s it for as long as you have availability.
  • You control where you’re sold and the commission you’re willing to pay.
  • Industry best booking conversion.
  • No risk – only pay when you get a booking. No installation or set up fees, no monthly fees just 2.8% ‘success’ fee for TXA online bookings.

Online Bookings – FAQ’s’ read more…